Space Blaster

Here is another toy that Alan Munguia sent to me. This one is also from the Phillipine Islands. It's called Space Blaster.


As you can see from the pic, this toy is basically just a pistol. You pull the trigger and it makes noise. There is also a little static generator so you get sparks when the trigger is pulled. 
What makes this toy a bootleg? Well, the card art has been hijacked from Galoob's Micro Machines toy line. In plain sight is the Star Wars logo. Partially hidden behind the pistol are the words X Ray Fleet. 
Here is part of the altered Micro Machines logo. Note that the wording has been changed to "The Original Laser Machines". 

What are the specs to this toy? well, the card measures 6.5" X 6.5". The card is just plain cardboard on the back. For some bizarre reason there is a very small bar code on the package. All in all this is a neat little rip off toy. While the toy itself doesn't lend anything to Star Wars, it sure is cool to find some Micro Machine packaging that has been ripped off. 

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