Space Wars Beast Wars Bootleg Toys


Here is a set of Beast Wars bootleg toys that have been packaged under the bootleg toy line of Space Wars. These toys are a recent find. I came across them at a local swap meet in August of 2000.

That's Optimus Primal up there. As you can see, the card has a Beast Wars feel to it. There's a warning printed on the top left corner of the card. It reads: "Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 36 months due to small size of components could be swallowed."
The card itself measures in at a little over 11" X 8". The Optimus Primal figure up there stands about 5.5" tall. The back of the card is just plain old white cardboard. 

The next figure in this bootleg toy series is a Transmetal Cheetor. He is colored gold, grey and blue? Well, the bootleggers got most of the coloring right. He actually should be gold, blue and silver. 
From the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail, Cheetor measures in at seven inches in length. 
Next up is Rhinox. I guess the bootleggers have substituted grey for silver in this bootleg toy series. Where this figure is purple, the "real"toy sports a blue metallic look. Rhinox' eyes are more of a red than orange. 
Rhinox measures in at roughly six inches in length and stands about three and a half inches tall. 


When I saw this figure, I thought it was Wolfang. Whoops! I was wrong. This is the german shepard, K-9. The paint job on this figure is pretty darn good. Although the bootleggers forgot to paint his snout brown. This figure doesn't look quite as fearsome as the real K-9 figure. But it sure is a passable version. 
K-9 is seven inches long from tail to snout. 


Waspinator is without a doubt the largest figure in this bootleg toy series. This figure is not a part of the Transmetal series. This is the 1999 reissue of Waspinator in the Deluxe series. 
Waspinator is actually pretty close to the "real" toy in terms of color. The color of this figure just isn't as "sharp" as the real toy.
Waspinator is about six inches in length and his wingspan as pictured is nearly five inches. 
This is a pretty cool looking figure. 


Okay, I don't know the name of this figure. But I am sure I'll find out soon enough. 


This bootleg toy series is pretty cool. The bootleggers have managed to bootleg some figures that to my knowledge have never been bootlegged before. Sure, Optimus Primal has been seen in bootleg form before. But I have never seen him in this particular scale.
Ya know, the same bootleggers must have gotten their hands on some DinoZone molds. I have DinoZon bootleg figures mounted on Space Wars cards that are virtually identical to the one pictured up top
By the way, I am not really big on Beast Wars figures. I used the Beast Wars site, as my Beast Wars info source. If ya like Beast Wars, I recommend ya check this site out. It's pretty darn complete!
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