Space Police Bootleg Toys

This Power Rangers knock off figure has been made under the toy line Space Police. This toy is one of my older bootleg figures. It comes in a box that measures about 10 inches by seven inches. There is a nice drawing of the Earth with a white light shining down on it from a star in the sky. This same drawing is also on the back of the box. There are no trademarks or manufacturers name anywhere on the package. 

Here is a picture of the Space Police figure. 


This figure stands a little more than seven inches tall. He is very well articulated for a bootleg toy. Ten points of articulation. Wow! This Power Ranger figure also comes with a gun and holster and a sword. Normally, the gun and sword are packaged in their own slot inside the box. I put them with the figure so you can see them through the window. 
I bought this toy at a swap meet. It must have been out in the sun for quite a while. I say this because the pink on the figure is faded when compared to the weapons accessories. 

Here is a close up

See the slight paint difference between the figure and the accessories? 

So, wadda ya think of this toy? 

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