Space Team

Here are X Men bootleg figures from a bootleg toy line called Space Team. I have had these figures in my collection for a couple of years now. I really don't see as many bootleg toys featuring the X Men as I would like. Especially when you consider how many toys form this comic have been released. As far as I know, this may have been one of the earliest sets of X Men bootleg toys.
These figures come on a card that measures 12" X 7.5". As usual, trademarks and copyrights are missing. The funny thing about these figures is that the glue used to hold the bubble down is pretty lame. The glue has weakened on the cards and will not support the figure anymore. I even have a couple of figures from this line where the bubble is actually stapled to the card. I have seen this happen occasionally with other bootleg toys (the Hercules 2 packs for example).

First up is a pic of the card art. This artwork has been used on many X Men toy lines. Wolverine is one of my favorite X Men. So you may understand why I like it.


Here is Gambit. One of the most popular X Men. I don't know why he has hit chord with readers of the X Men comic books. I personally don't like the character. Gambit doesn't come with his coat. The accessory that comes with this figure actually comes with the Cyclops figure in the "real Toy line.


Magneto. The X Men's arch enemy. Probably the baddest villian in Marvel comics line up. I love this bootleg figure. If you look closely at Magneto's face. It looks like he is smiling. Great job bootleggers!!




Here is everybody's favorite little Madman. Wolverine! It's been a while since he has had a berserker rage in the X Men comic books. This figure has a pretty bad paint job. While you cannot see it in the pic, the bootleggers were not able to color between the lines.

Well, here is a figure that the bootleggers couldn't mess up. The Beast. Or is it Beast? Whatever! Anyways, this figure is basically a blue piece of plastic. The only real paint jobs  this figure are his teeth and eyes. I don't really count his trunk or belt as paited areas of the figure. Beast is about six inches tall and almost four inches wide. One of the accessories he comes with actually was packaged with the "real" figure.


Here is Cyclops with a red helmet. Typical lousy paint job. 

The last figure in this series is Storm. And boy did the bootleggers do a job on her! Where do we begin? Well, how about the fact that Storm is orange? Her costume is white instead of silver. The lightning bolt accessories that come with Storm are silver instead of yellow. I am not even gonna touch the lightning bolt shaped hole in her chest. All in all, a pretty crummy Storm figure.