Space Wars

When this line of bootleg toys came out, it seemed to cause a bit of a stir in the Transformers community. Why? well, these are kinda neat bootleg toys. Not only that. They featured some figures that had never been seen in bootleg toy form. 
Packaged under the name of Space Wars, these figures feature various Beast Wars characters. The card the figures are mounted on is actually pretty sturdy. But the bubble the figures are under leaves a little something to be desired. 
As far as the figures go, they are pretty cool. The quality is actually better than I would have expected from a bootleg toy.  Anyways, Here's a peek at them....

That's a Beast Metals Silverbolt figure pictured here. The card this thing is mounted on measures in at a whopping 14" 8.5". Much bigger than any other Beast Wars bootleg toy I've found to date. The insert has a drawing that says "Destroyer". Underneath "Destroyer" is some text that says "Space Monsters" According to Merlynn (a Dangerous Toys mailing list member) this is where the artwork came from "The picture on the new bubble label,the part that says "destroyers space monsters",is from the TV show. It's from the episode "Aftermath" and is of Optimus Primal visiting Rhinox in a dream after he (Op. Primal) was destroyed in a transwrap explosion" 
Did ya get all that?

Silverbolt here. This guy's about six inches long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Silverbolt's eye are painted to look like a normal pair of eyes. The real figure has eyes that are not painted like this.
This guy is Quickstrike. Like some other figures in this toy line, this guy is supposed to have some transparent plastic. But the bootleggers took some liberties with him. 

Longrack is a Japanese exclusive figure. The "real" toy wasn't available here in the US. So any collectors who wanted to score this figure on the cheap couldn't do too bad with this one. Heck! These figures only cost me four bucks each. 

Thrus measures in at almost seven inches from front to back. I kinda like this figures colors.

The last figure on this page is Blackarachnia. The figure's colors are basically correct. But the head of this figure should have been a clear yellow instead of black. 


All in all, this series of toys was a neat find. Funny thing is, I haven't really seen these around too much at my local swap meets of discount stores. I wonder if the cost was too much for the dealers to pick them up and sell them at a profit? 
Wait! There are actually ten figures in this series. I've only shown ya five. The remaining five figures will be up with the next update. 
Hey! I gotta keep ya coming back somehow. One last thing. A big shout out to Merlynn and The Doc for giving me some details about these toys. Thanks guys!