Space Wars Gigatron

Here is a beast of a bootleg toy. It's based on the character named Gigatron. What's the name of this toy line this bootleg is made under? Well, Space Wars. After taking a look at this figure, ya gotta believe that this figure was made by the same bootlegger who made the other Space Wars bootleg toys elsewhere on this site.

Now this toy is huge! The card this comes on measures in at a whopping 17" X 11.5". The figure itself stands not quite 10" tall. As  you can see in the pic, the bubble the figure is mounted  under is really pretty thin. 

Here's a shot of the figure. This figure sports a color scheme of purple, maroon, red and black. This guy comes with two of the same accessories. 
Here's a close up of this figure. Waddaya think? Did the bootleggers do a good job on this guy or what?