Spader-Man. That's the name of this bootleg set of Spider-Man figures. Let's take a look, shall we?


Here it is. A five piece set of Spider-Man bootleg figures. Now these figures have all been seen in one bootleg toy series or another. But I've never seen them packaged under this particular bootleg toy line. 
From left to right, we have Web Parachute Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Spider, Web Shooter Spider-Man and Web Racer Spider-Man. 
A couple of these figures feature some pretty sloppy paint jobs. Below are a couple of the better looking figures:


Did Man-Spider have the spider logo on its chest? Cuz the bootleg figure sure don't. 
FYI, the card measures 17" X 10". The figures are all about five inches tall. There are four cheapo plastic pins included with the figures. There really isn't anything new or exciting about the figures themselves. But I am pretty stoked by the packaging and the "new" name that the bootleggers have come up with for these Spider-Man bootleg toys. 

By the way, I found these here in the states. But I have heard that they have also shown up in Singapore and Canada.