Spader-Man Classics

Here's a Spider-Man bootleg toy that is packaged under the Spader-Man bootleg toy line


 Well, this figure is definitely a Spider-Man bootleg. Wouldn't you agree? As a matter of fact, I could have sworn that I posted a Spider-Man figure that looks exactly like this one. Only packaged differently. Hmmm... I checked around. I guess I haven't posted that figure yet.
Well, anyways, this figure stands in at 10.5" tall. Comes with three accessories that this figure will have no way in hell of holding. The artwork on the card back is all original. It's pretty bad artwork if you ask me. I wonder why the bootleggers just didn't rip off some art from a Spider-Man comic book? 
Here's a close up view of this figure....

Now this figure weighs a little more than other bootleg toys I've bought. I couldn't figure out why either. Well, imagine my surprised when I found a button located just above the figures crotch (you can see the button in the picture up top). 
Well, when you push the button, Spider-Man's, er, I mean Spader-Man's head and chest light up. I tried to take a pic of it. But it didn't come out too well. This figure also plays eight different sound effects. No voice sound effects. More like the sound out of some toy ray gun. It's pretty freaking bizarre if you ask me. But it's something that is very cool.
I think the bootleggers have found a new way to make their toys stand out. Alot of the bootleg figures I've picked up all have sound and light effects now.