Spader-Man Mini Four Pack

Boy, the bootleggers are really getting alot out of the Spader-Man name. Here is another Spader-Man bootleg toy set. Only this time, the figures are very, very tiny. Well, not that tiny.

 First, like many of the other Spader-Man bootlegs running around out there, this is actually called Spader-Man Unmatched. The "Unmatched" part of the toy line is convered by the bubble the figures are mounted under. 
The package these things come in measures in at 11" X 7.5". The figures stand about four inches tall. The only real accessories besides the Spider-Man" buttons are a mask for the Green Goblin and a Spider figure. 
Here's a shot of a couple of the figures:

I've never been able to figure out why the bootleggers insist on trying to paint the eyes of the figures that come in this size. All they manage to do is screw them up. The Green Goblin's eyes are probably the worst thing about this set. While the other figures paint jobs are kinda crummy, none of them scream "BOOTLEG!" as loud as the Green Goblin. Okay. I'm lying. Everything about these figures screams "BOOTLEG!"