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Woo Hoo! More Spawn bootleg toys. I gotta tell ya, these are one heck of a find. Right behind ever finding any bootleg Playmates Star Trek toys, bootleg Spawn figures have gotta run a close second in the "hard to find" category.
And where exactly were these toys found? Well, not here in the USA. Not in Singapore. Nope! These were scored for me by my friend Jorge Lunz down in Brazil. Check out the packaging....


 Pictured above is the Spawn figure. But the figure is on a Burnt Spawn card. Gone are any references to McFarlane toys. The back of the card also has no reference to McFarlane toys or any copyright info for that matter. 
The top half of the card back features the six figures in this bootleg series. The bottom left corner of the card back features the play instructions for the Burnt Spawn figure. Man, wouldn't it be a hoot if the KISS figures pictured on the card were also bootlegged?
FYI, the card is smaller than the "real" card. This one measures in at about 11" X 7". The hanger for the card also differs from the "real" card. Naturally, the bubble the figures are mounted under is extremely fragile and can be crushed quite easily.

Ladie's first, eh? This is the bootleg version of Jessica Priest. The colors of the figure are close enough to the real deal to pass. But the accessories are another story. The accessories are your basic  fatigue color. 
I have serious doubts about whether the weapons can really shoot water like the real accessories do. 



Jason Wynn's the next figure in this bootleg toy series. This figure's costume is a grey blue color. The fatigue colored thing on his chest covers Jason's heart. I'll share this with ya. The heart under that cover is the same color as Jason's costume. 
All the accessories for this figure are silver and grey. The only accessory not included with this bootleg figure is Jason Priest's mask.



This Spawn figure is almost the right colors. The colors this figure is painted are definitely not as crisp as the real figures paint job is. All the parts of the figure that look white are really a very light blue. 
The figure comes with a huge gun, a smaller rifle and a couple of belts of ammo. The guns are unpainted green. While the ammo belts are brown. The bullets on the ammo belt are unpainted.



Here's the Clown figure. My favorite figure in this bootleg toy series. As ya can see, the Clown's face is missing quite a bit of paint. The bootleggers painted the Clown's shirt yellow and they even went a little farther down and painted his belly yellow too. I guess we mean it when we call this particular figure a yellow bellied clown. Something else the bootleggers skipped is the three tufts of hair that are supposed to be on the clowns head. 
There are supposed to be flames on the Clown's arms. Instead, the bootleggers just painted a little red over the yellow. 
The Violator's head is painted a nice sky blue color.
All in all, the bootleggers did a number on the Clown figure.



Here is Burnt Spawn. This is the last figure I have in this series. There is a Al Simmons bootleg out there. But I haven't got my hands on it yet. 
Burnt Spawn has a brown head and a nice burnt orange colored torso. Yes. The bootleggers painted Burnt Spawn's eyes blue. 
The jacket the figure is wearing is brown with silver trim. 
Accessories that come with Burnt Spawn are a brown shovel, brown hood, and a green gun. 

The last figure in this series is Al Simmons. The accessories that come with this figure are grey or army green. 
Ya can't really tell from the pic. But get this. The bootleggers made Al Simmons white. 
For those of you who don't follow Spawn. In the comic book, Al Simmons is a black character. 

Well, as you can see, there is really nothing to make this bootleg toy series stand out in the crowd. The bootleggers made the toys close enough to the real thing. The packaging certainly is good enough to fool small kids. How's the playability? Well, I am pretty sure that these toys will fall apart after a good amount of playing. But what the heck! Ya get what ya pay for. Right? 
Thanks again to Jorge for scoring me these bootleg toys.
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