Spicy Girls

Here are some more Spice Girls bootleg toys. I thought this line of toys was called Spicy.  But it is actually called Spicy Girls.
Check out the bottom left corner of the card front. That little scribble is actually supposed to spell out "girls". I thought it was one of the Spice Girls autographs.  This was pointed out to me by a member of the Bootleg Toys Mailing List that it really spells out girls. Thanks Charles!
Here is the front and back of the card. Looks pretty good if ya ask me. If ya overlook the fragile bubble and the misspelling of Hottest on the card back, you just might think these were the real deal. 



Here's Baby Spice. Baby Spice comes with two microphones and what appears to be a backpack.


Ginger Spice. I gotta tell ya, if she was a real person dressed like this, she would be hot! There's just something about a redhead in a short skirt, y'know? Heh. There's something about any woman in a short skirt. 
Anyways, this Ginger's hair is more of a burnt orange than red. Like Baby Spice, Ginger comes with two mikes.  She also comes with a video camera. 


This Spice Girl is Sporty Spice. Ya can't see it in the pic, but she is wearing white and black tennis shoes. Waddaya know? Sporty's accessories are two mikes and a teddy bear. 
Chris Doyle (Island Of Bootleg Toys fame) tells me that the teddy bear really should be matched with Baby Spice. So it looks like the bootleggers just mixed and matched the accessories with the figures. 

Based on the pics that are on the card back, I bet that all five of the Spice Girls are in this series. Unfortunately, I only found these three. Who knows? Maybe the other two will turn up someday. 
What's the specs of these figures? Well, the card measures 10.5" X 6.5". The figures themselves stand five and a half inches tall. The only articulation on these figures is in the arms. Lastly, each figure comes with a clear plastic stand for ya to place it in. 
All in all, these are a neat little series of toys. Hopefully, someday I'll stumble on the remaining figures in this series.

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