Spicy Collections Spice Girls Bootleg Dolls

Oh Oh..... More Spice Girls bootleg dolls. Will these toys be as bizarre looking as the Girls Power dolls? You can only pray that they aren't.
Well, thankfully, your prayers have been answered.
While these dolls are a little kooky looking, they are not that bad as far as bootleg dolls goes.
These dolls are from a line called Spicy Collections.
Check out the packaging. The dolls come in a nice pink box with a very colorful name, Spicy Collections.
The dolls themselves stand almost a foot tall. They are really not very well put together. The articulation on these dolls has been kept to a minimum. The arms move at the shoulder and the head can be turned around. You can also move the legs in a kicking movement and turn the doll at the waist. Each of these dolls comes with its own accessories.
Oh yeah, you can remove the boots that the dolls are wearing. But you don't wanna do that. Trust me. The feet are pretty ugly.

 The box has the names of five of the Spice Girls. Obviously the dolls were made before the changes in the Spice Girls line up changed. While all five of the Spice Girls were named, I have only found four different Spicy Collections dolls. I wonder if the fifth one was ever made.

Well, here they are:
 Sporty and Scary Spice:


Posh and Ginger Spice:

 Now there is one more thing about these dolls. I guess that since they are based on a musical group, the bootleggers decided that the dolls should play some music.
Well, if ya push the heart shaped "jewel" at the base of the dolls neck, some music will play. Also, the LEDs that form the heart shaped jewel and the necklace blink on and off while the music is playing.
Here is a pic of one of the dolls in action:

What kind of music do the dolls play? Heh, Geri and Scary play the theme music from the movie Love Story. Posh and Sporty plays "It's A Small World". Now I am pretty sure that there is no rhyme or reason as to what song each doll plays. If you find these dolls yourself, your dolls may play a different song.

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