Spider-Man Wheelie Cycle
Here is a toy featuring Spider-Man on a motorcycle.  
This toy has been out for quite a long time. While it used to be a pretty common bootleg toy, out here in So. Cal, it has virtually disappeared. 
Here is a pic of part of the card. The card the bike comes on measures almost 11" X 9". The back of the card features various Spider-Man toys. Also pictured on the back are pics showing how to play with this toy.


The bike measures about 6 inches long. From the top of Spidey's head to the bottom of the bike is about 4 inches.  
The motorcycle is a pull back toy. This means you pull it back, let it go and it will roll by itself. 

Spider-Man is molded to the motorcycle. He has some articulation in the arms. His hands can be moved off of the handlebars.
A funny thing about the figure, part of the web lines on Spidey's mask are missing. 
Check out the cheesy stickers on the motorcycle.


How about the quality control on this toy? I don't think the S-Man sticker is exactly where the bootleggers wanted it to be placed.

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