Heh. Here we are at the end of 2001. I dug up this set of toys that I've had for a few years now. Totally forgot about them! But then a few weeks ago, I was wandering around Chinatown with a friend when I saw a couple of these on a shelf. I was totally shocked to see them. I figured these bootleg toys were long gone. I guess the store owner just dug them outta the back of his storeroom and put them on the pegs. He only had like two or three of them.
So before I forgot about them again. I rummaged through the old garage and pulled them out. So for your viewing pleasure, I bring you the Spider-Man Spider-Force figures. Bootleg Toy style.


Note the shabby packaging. How the bubble is glued to the backer board crooked? How about the way the figures have been inserted? You sure wouldn't see that in the real packaging. And where the heck is the figure's accessories? Ya know, there's really not much chance that the bootleggers could have really screwed up these figures too much. Mostly cuz these particular figures don't require too much paint work. The Swarm figure above is just a plastic yellow figure. Of course, Swarm's actual color isn't exactly the same as the "real" Swarm figure.

Pictured below are the remaining figures in this series:
On the left is The Beetle. The figure on the right is The Tarantula. Speaking of The Tarantula. All the figures in this bootleg toy series come mounted on a Tarantula backer board. Pictured below these two guys is The Wasp. While I haven't opened the packages up, it appears that the "Insect Armor" that's included with the figures is made up of really crappy quality. I suspect that there's a Spider-Man figure in this series. But either I don't have it or it's still boxed away in my garage.



Let's take a closer look at The Wasp, shall we?


Yes. The quality is put in before we put our name on it. Well, actually, the bootleggers don't put their name on it. So there's no point in putting any quality into the darn figures, eh? Well, I'm actually glad that I finally got around to posting these figures. I keep telling myself that I'm gonna post all the new bootleg toys as soon as I get them. But that never, ever happens.