Spider Hero

The Spider-Man on this page has turned up in both Singapore and Slovenia, Europe. My friend Dare sent me one. While another friend who has an eye for bootleg toys found a boxed one in Europe. The name of this toy is called Spider Hero. 
Hmmmm, with a name like that, who could this bootleg toy possibly feature???

Here are a couple of pics of the figure in its original package. 


The pics above were supplied by my friend Don. As you can see, this definitely is a Spider-Man figure. The artwork on the package is really sharp looking. So I suspect that it may have been hijacked from one of the Spider-Man comic books. 


Here is Spider Hero loose. This is the one I have in my own collection. The figure stands about eight inches tall. 
I am not sure if this is a defect in my bootleg toy or not. But the left leg of this figure is longer than the right leg. That makes this toy almost impossible to stand. The articulation on this figure is at the arms and legs. That's it. The head doesn't move at all. 

How about a shot of the back of the toy? 
The figures arms are outstretched cuz I couldn't get Spider Hero to stand. He is actually leaning against the wall. 



I really like this bootleg toy. Why? Well, it is one extremely bizarre looking Spider-Man bootleg. Since this has shown up in other parts of the world, I wonder if it will eventually make it here to the U.S. ?
Oh. And if anybody is interested, Don has an extra one. So if ya wanna snag one of these toys, you can email Don by clicking HERE.