Spider-Man Heavy Hitters Bootleg Toys

This is a relatively new bootleg toy. I only just recently found it at my local swap meet. To tell ya the truth, I was pretty thrilled when I saw it. Mostly because Spider-Man bootleg toys are few and far between nowadays. As a matter of fact, I have been digging up my Spider-Man bootleg toys outta the garage cuz it's been a while since I posted and Spidey toys. There's more Spider-Man bootlegs to come.

Here is the front and back of the box. Note the misspelling of the word "control" on both the front and back of the box?

The box these toys comes in measures a little over 13" X 8.5". The box is really well made. The cardboard isn't some cheapo stuff. A pretty sturdy package for a bootleg toy.
I have no idea if the back of the box is anything like the original toy. If anybody has any info, I'd appreciate it if you would email me

This Venom figure is really pretty horrendous. This pic doesn't do the figure justice. He is basically all black plastic with the eyes and logo on his chest painted white. But the paint job is pretty rotten. Smudges all over the figure's head and chest. 
On a scale of one to ten, I rate this paint job a 3. 

Spider-Man isn't really too bad. The only real fault with this figure is that the spider on his chest is just 8 small horizontal lines. 

Wolverine is probably the best looking figure in this set (and that's really not saying much). His paint job isn't quite as bad as the other figures pictured here. 
Carnage is the last figure in this set. What the bootleggers did to Venom doesn't compare to the scandalous paint job they did to Carnage. 
The paint job on Carnage's eyes is a mess. What were those bootleggers smoking when they put Carnage together?
Okay, I'm ragging on these figures a lot. But despite the fact that these figures are sporting some pretty sorry paint jobs, I really like this bootleg toy set. It's well packaged in a sturdy box. The graphics are okay. And the figures are mounted securely under the bubble. Also, the price was right. Five bucks for four figures. I'll take it!

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