Spider-Man Battle Talkers

Here is a two figure bootleg toy series that features two Spider-Man characthers. Naturally, one of the characters features is Spider-Man. The other figure is his arch enemy, The Hobgoblin. These guys are bootlegs of the Spider-Man series Battle Talkers. 


Above are pics of the front and back of the packages. I remember four figures from the Battle Talkers series. Two of them were X-Men characters. The other two Battle Talkers featured Spider-Man and The Hobgoblin. I don't recall if there were other figures in the Battle Talkers series. 
Ya know, to me a good chunk of what makes bootleg toys so neat is their packaging. So I hardly ever take the toys out of their packages. But I didn't realize that these figures may actually work. So I'm gonna go back and pick up another set to see if these figures really do talk. Who knows? Maybe the bootlegger actually did something right. 
Here are close ups of the figures....


Both of these figures stand about 7.5" tall. You can see the holes for the speakers that are supposed to be in these "talking" bootlegs. I am pretty sure that there is supposed to be a button on the front of these figures. Pushing the button is supposed to make the figures talk. 
For some reason, Spidey has been packaged with some wings. The Hobgoblin's colors are totally off. I believe he is supposed to be primarily orange. The original Hobgoblin figure came with a cape. While the bootleg figure is missing his.