Spiderman Bootlegs
Here are several bootleg toys from the Spiderman toy line. Personally, I think these figures are quite uninspiring. There is nothing really special about them. The figures are painted poorly, the accessories are done poorly, and the packaging is done poorly. Now normally, I like it when I find a really poor bootleg toy. Especially when it has some oddball feature (See some of my Batman toys). But these figures, well, all I can say about them is Blaaaaaah!!! 
This Spiderman figure comes with suction cups on his hands. I suppose he is made to cling to walls. I suspect that that really doesn't happen with this particular bootleg. He also comes with a black web. I don't know what it is for though. 

Spiderman here comes with an accessory that I think is supposed to be a web being spun. Also included is a poorly done cheap plastic button that says "Spiderman". 


This Spiderman figure comes with some string attached to his hands. I think the string is supposed to be web lines. Oh my God! This whole toy line of bootlegs is awful. The white button that comes with this figure is made of cheap plastic suffers from a poor paint job. 



Finally! The last of these bootleg Spiderman figures I have features a "Spidey Sense" Spiderman. This Spiderman figure comes on a different card than the figures pictured above. 
This Spiderman is painted Blue and red with black painted over the red portions of Spiderman's costume.This figure is really quite ghastly. The only accessory that comes with this figures is a piece of string. I guess it is supposed to be webbing. Yuck! This figure also comes with a cheap plastic pin. 


Well, Thank God that that's it for these figures. Sorry I had to put you through it. I have a couple more bootleg figures from this toy line. Maybe someday when I am feeling mean, I will put them up for you to see. 

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