Spider-Man Classics Two Packs

Here are a couple of Spider-Man Classics Two Pack bootleg toys. The unusual thing about this (at least for a bootleg toy) is that the bootleggers didn't bother using just one card to mount the figures on. The figures are mounted on different cards. You almost never see something like this. 
Take a peek:



Now in the original toy line, there are three different pairs of figures. Spider-Man & Hobgoblin, Battle Ravaged Spider-Man and Scorpion and the third set had Venom vs Carnage. Now I haven't seen the Venom vs Carnage set bootlegged. But the bootleggers did make a valiant attempt to recreate the original toys. But naturally, they screwed up. 
Y'see that set pictured at the top of the page should have Spider-Man vs Hobgoblin. But I guess the bootleggers didn't have the mold for the Hobgoblin. So instead, they replaced him with a repainted Tombstone figure. I do mean repainted. The bootleg Tombstone is green with a red and black costume (his sleeves are still red. They were left unpainted). While the original Tombstone had, I think, a black and grey outfit. And Tombstone certainly wasn't green. 
The card back features a mishmash of pics that were probably on the "original" toy packaging. The text font is different on both cards. Surprisingly, I didn't find any of the usual typos that are almost always on bootleg toys. Heh. One thing's for sure. Thanks to the bootleggers, I won't ever forget what year these toys were produced.