Spider-Man Bootleg Toys

Below are links to several Spider-Man bootleg toy lines. Spider-Man is one of the earliest and most popular comic book characters to come from Marvel Comics. While there are quite a few legitimate Spider-Man toy lines out on the toy shelves, I have found it quite hard to find Spider-Man bootleg toys. Here are a few of what I have.

American Hero Spider-Man



Spaderman Minis

Spaderman Classics

Spider-man Classics Two Packs

Spider-Man Movie Four Pack

Spider-Man Movie Motorcycle

Spider-Man Movie Four Pack Mini Figures

Boxed Spider-Man Movie Figure

Spider-Man Masks

Super Poseable Spider-Man

Battle Talkers

Battle Cycle

Shape Shifters 

Sky Diving Spidey

Sneak Attack Spider-Man

Mexican Spider-Man

Power Man

Web Of Steel

Power-Man Spider-Man Figures

American Hero


Toy Biz Ten Inch Figures

Spider-Man Wheelie Cycle

Electro Light Spider-Man

Spider-Man Heavy Hitters

More Mexican Spider-Man Toys

Vampire Wars

Marvel Team Up

Spider Hero

Spider Force

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