Spider-Man Masks

Well, with the first Spider-Man movie recently released, it can only mean a plethora (I've always wanted to sneak that word onto a page) of Spider-Man bootleg toys. Now here are a few Spider-Man masks that I found on a recent trip to Mexico.

What do ya think? The Original Mascara Arana is obviously the lamest of the group of masks. The whites around the eyes are pieces of tape that were cut to the shape  of Spider-Man's eyes. 
The Green Goblin mask is one of the first bootleg Green Goblin item's I've found since the Spider-Man movie came out. The card that seals the bag the mask is in tipped over as I took the picture. I didn't feel like retaking it at the time. But FYI, the card is the same as the Spider-Man mask on the right. From looking over the Green Goblin mask, it's pretty obvious that the teeth are also green. But the bootleggers who whipped this together painted the teeth white. The eyes of the mask have a mesh lining in them. 
The mask on the right is another Spider-Man mask.Like the Green Goblin mask, the eyes of the mask are filled in with a mesh lining. The neat thing about the Spider-Man mask is the little figures that have been included with the figure. There are two Human Torch figures, two figures of The Falcon (Captain America's old partner), Spider-Man and Thor. Other Spider-Man masks that came in this package didn't have the extra figures included in the package.
FYI, all of these masks are designed to fit small children. The masks are made of hard plastic. None of these masks have any slits for the kids to breath through. But so what, right? Who needs to breath?