Spider-Man Movie Figures

Y'know, the thing about bootleg toys is, you just never know what's coming next. Batman on a horse. Superman without a cape. A cussing Bart Simpson. But one thing you can almost always count on is Spider-Man on a motorcycle. I've got at least four or five bootleg Spider-Man figures riding a motorcycle. 
Now, here's another one. 

The card this bootleg set of toys comes on is oversized (like alot of the other Spider-Man movie packages). It's about 15.5" X 11". As you can see, there are two Spidey figures plus a Spider-Man figure on a motorcycle. The bootleggers even threw in a collectable Spider-Man card. Woo Hoo!
The figures are nothing to write home about. They stand about 5.5" tall. I don't understand why the bootleggers didn't bother painting the arms of the figures. Spidey's arms should also be red. 
The figure on the motorcycle is shown standing. And if ya plan on playing with it, you can expect to never be able to seat the figure. Why? Cuz the darn thing has no articulation in the legs. Also, the wheels are pretty narrow and there's no kick stand. So once the thing stops rolling, it's gonna "plop" fall over. 
Below are a couple of close ups of the figures and the card. I don't know if the card is a rip off of some real cards that were produce. But on the bottom of the card is some text in chinese (sorry, it's not in the picture I took). FYI, there are at least four different cards available. My guess is if I looked around for this set, I could probably find more cards. Of course, since bootleg cards have been produced, it's almost a sure thing that other bootleg Spider-Man figures will start popping up with these same cards. Why let them go to waste, right?