Spider-Man Movie Figures Four Pack

Okay, another bootleg set featuring figures from the first Spider-Man movie. This time it's a four pack. 


Yuck! Pretty ugly pics, huh? Sorry. I overcompressed these suckers and the files are still huge. I wasn't paying attention when I was editing the pics. Well, the figures in this set are five inches tall. So what does that tell ya about the packaging? I'll tell ya what it tells me! The bigger the package, the more the dealers charge! Most places I saw this wanted ten bucks for the set. Ouch! I shopped around (Yes. Shopped around bootleg toy dealers) and the lowest I could find this set for was eight dollars. But the girl behind the counter must have thought I was cute. So she dropped the price to six bucks. A bootleg toy bargain if ya ask me! Okay. Maybe she didn't think I was cute. Maybe it was just a slow day at her little stand. Sheesh!
So there are four figures in the set. You might think you're getting four different Spider-Man figures. But there are only two different bodies. It's hard to tell in the pic. But the two figures on the left feature the same paint job. While the two figures on the right sport the same Spidey costume. The only thing different on the figures are the heads. 
Where that samurai outfit came from, I have no idea. 
These things come packaged on a card that measures in at 19" X 10". Now I know I was complaining cuz most dealers wanted ten bucks for this set. But when ya think about it. Ya only wind up paying two fifty for each figure and then an additional costume is thrown in for kicks. 
Here's a close up of one of the figures in the set....