Spider-Man Electro Light
This line of bootleg toys features figures from the Spider-Man Electro-Light toy line. Now I have usually found many Spider-Man bootlegs to be made very poorly. But this particular series is actually quite good. It even features a couple of characters that I never found bootlegged before. Maybe that is why I like this Spider-Man bootleg series. It has one of my favorite comic book characters. 

The figures come on a 10" X 8" card with artwork and logos taken directly from the original toy line. Well, as close as can be for bootleg toys. All the figures come on a Spider-Man Electro-Light card. Here is what one of the figures looks like in its package: 


So far I have found four figures in this series of bootleg toys. They are Spider-Man, Electro and (one of my all time favorites!) Captain America. These figures stand between five and a half inches and six inches tall. They all suffer from the usual poor paint jobs. But these are really not too bad. Here is a look at them: 


Old Spidey is here is missing the shoulder pads that the real figure comes with. Now I don't have the real toys that these figures are based on. So my comments are based on the pics off the back of the card these figures come on. The Spider is missing some red paint on its back. The only real problems with the paint job on this figure are on the spider logo on the figures chest. The bootleggers couldn't keep between the lines. 


The villain in this bootleg series, Electro's paint job is pretty good. Well, if you can overlook the fact that every part of the figure and accessories that is supposed to be yellow is instead a greenish/gold color. 

Captain America 

This is my first Captain America bootleg figure that I have ever found. Believe me, I was quite thrilled to find him. 
 Captain America suffers from a really poor paint job. His eyes are just black dots. His ears are a mess. And poor 'Cap has black blemishes on various parts of his body. Oh, and check out the shield. The star in the center of the shield has been painted red instead of white. Well, at least the bootleggers didn't forget to put the A on Captain America's head. 


Here is one more Spiderman figure from this line of bootleg toys. This particular Spidey has the worst paint job of all the figures in this bootleg series. All over the red portion of Spider-Man's costume are black smudges. I mean, the smudges are ALL OVER this poor figure. It's really quite bad. Yuck!!! See for yourself. 


Here is the last figure in this bootleg series. It is another Spider-Man figure. Like the other figures, it also suffers from a poor paint job. Notice that the black normally found around Spidey's eye is missing? 

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