Karate Turtles Master
Here is a pretty bizarre figure. It is based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This figure is supposed to be the Turtles mentor, Splinter.  
Check out the pic.  
As you can see, the logo for this toy features a TMNT like logo. Only this toy line is called Karate Turtles. This particular figure is called Master. I only have this figure in this particular toy line. I do not know if any of the TMNT have been packaged under this line of bootlegs.  
FYI: I have had this toy since at least '96. I forgot I even had it. I dug it up while looking for some other figures I was gonna trade to another collector.  
The Karate Turtles Master figure comes in a rather flimsy box. He doesn't quite fit into the box either. Splinter is just a tad to tall. So the plastic window is dented at the top of Splinter's head. 
The artwork featured on the back of the box is also pictured on the box sides.  
The artwork features a crazed looking Splinter with the four TMNT in the background. The artwork is original and has not been stolen from any legitimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles packaging. 



Now here is Splinter out of the package. As you can see in the pic, this figure has no eyeballs. So Splinter is blind.  
Doesn't this Splinter figure look pretty ugly. Even for a Rat?  
Splinter stands about ten inches tall. He comes dressed in red with a black belt around his waist. Splinter has articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, tail and legs. The figure's tail is about five inches long.  
The Karate Master's ninchucks are hollow and held together by a small metal chain.  
The figure does not come with the cane that is pictured on the box.  
All in all, this is a pretty hideous looking figure. 

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