Squeaky Star Wars Figures

Woo Hoo! Check out these neat Star Wars figures. Now technically, they are not toys. But how would you like to have a squeaky Darth Maul for your bathtub? Take a peek at these bad boys that have shown up in Brazil.....

Isn't this thing just hilarious? All right. Here's the deal. This thing is a squeaky toy. It's made of rubber and when ya squeeeeeeeezzzzzzeee it, it squeaks. My buddy Jorge described it to me as a squishy toy when he first picked them up for me. 
Pictured on the label are Obi Wan and Darth Maul. On the other side of the label are R2D2 and Queen Amidala. There are four different Star Wars characters in this bootleg series. All the figures stand a tad over five inches tall. To be honest with ya, these have some great detail on them. 

Here is Obi Wan Kenobi. I think that this is a great looking figure. Obi Wan has a kinda distinguished look to him. Or maybe it's just the jedi robe he's wearing that does it for him. 
Queen Amidala is probably the poorest looking figure in the bunch. I don't know why, but just looking at Queen Amidala reminds me of an apple. 






Boo! It's Darth Maul. This is actually pretty neat rendition of DM. Too bad that his light saber wasn't included with him. And what's up with the pink horns on his head???




Okay, okay, technically, these aren't action figures. But so what? These things definitely aren't authorized toys. But what the heck! The only other squeaky toy I have in my collection is a Furby knock off and that thing broke five minutes after I took it out its box.