Star Fighter

This is a set of bootleg Star Wars toys that were located in the Philippine Islands. The toy line is called Star Fighter. This set features twelve Star Wars characters in six different two packs. Now I gotta tell ya. It's pretty easy to tell who some of the figures are supposed to be. While a few ya gotta take a close look at and decide if they are the character that they vaguely resemble. 
Here is a look at the toys in their package.


Well as you can see from the card, there is a definite Star Wars theme going on here. The Star Fighters logo has a Star Wars font. And that is definitely a light saber battle going on with the silhouetted figures. 
The figures come packaged as two packs. The card the toys come on measures only 7" X 5". The figures themselves measure only three inches tall. 
The toys pictured above are Senator Palpatine and Darth Sidious. The card back is from the R2D2/C3PO two pack. None of the toys in this bootleg toy line have any articulation.
An interesting thing about this line of toys is the descriptions on the back for each figure. Each figure's Height (in meters), Status ( Kung Fu Instructor, Law Enforcer, Terminator...), Affiliation (2050 Civilian Empire, Black Criminal Gangster of 2050...) and Weapon Of Choice (Ultra Light Pistol, Ultra Light Sword, Infra Red Pistol or Ultra Ultrasonic Sword) are listed on the back.

Of the twelve figures in this bootleg toy series, I am only posting the eight that are definitely recognizable as Star Wars characters. 
You have all ready seen Senator Palpatine and Darth Sidious. Here is Darth Vader (Black Criminal Gangster of 2050) and Watto (Law Enforcer). 
I don't think I need to id these two characters for ya. 
R2D2 is listed on the card back as a Security Guard. C3PO is a Terminator. I'm not kidding! He is really listed as a Terminator!


These two figures show ya just how vague the figures can be in their resemblance to an actual Star Wars character. 
I am pretty sure that the figure on the left is based on a Gamorrean Guard ( identified as a Humanoid Rhinoceras (sic)). While the Chewbacca-like figure is identified as a Crocodile Duck. Come on, that figure just has to be Chewie. Look at the bandolier.


What about the other figures? Well, there is definitely a Mace Windu (Kung Fu Instructor), Ric Olie (Pilot), and maybe a Luke (Fighter) and Leia (Princess). Both Luke and Leia are blonde haired figures. 
I really like this neat series of bootleg figures. They are certainly recognizable enough to be Star Wars bootlegs. But they are also cheesy enough to be a neat addition to my collection. 

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