Star Force Ships
The Star Force line is a pretty well known bootleg toy line featuring Star Wars knock offs. The toys on this page feature two vehicles from the Star Force line that are bootlegs of Star Wars ships. 
Here is a pic of the label: 


There are five ships in the series. I recognize only two as beiing knock off ships. The other three are basically generic ships. 
Of the two Star Wars ships in this series, the X-Wing is the larger. The X-Wing measures about four inches long and stands about an inch and a half tall. 
The Falcon is about three and a half inches long and only rises to about an inch. These ships are pull back toys. Which means that these ships have wheels. You pull them back along the floor to wind the driving mechanism in the toy. After you pull the ship back, it moves forward when you let it go. 

Here are the two ships: 


The Millenium Falcon
There are several other ships in this series of toys.
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