Starship Troopers

Here is another set of bootleg toys that I know nothing about. Now while I enjoyed the movie Starship Troopers, I didn't bother to pick up any of the toys that were spawned from the movie. 


Above are pics of one of the figures in the series. Yup! It's on a card that is virtually identical to the real toy. The card the figures are mounted on are a Toxic Raider Ace Levy card. The card measures 11" X 7.5". Naturally, no trademarks or copyright info anywhere. But there is an item number on the card back. The item number for these figures is K-009.  I have no idea what that signifies.
Take a good look at the bubble the figure is mounted under. Alot of bootleg toys come on cards that are poorly secured to the card. Many times I have found bootleg toys where the bubble was actually stapled to the card. I am almost positive that this is actually the way the toys are sometimes shipped outta the factory. 


This figure is Mega Marauder Johnny Rico. I have nothing to use as a reference for this figure. But I have no doubt that the color scheme of the accessories and figure don't match the real deal. 
Purple pants? Come on, who do the bootleggers think this guy is? The Incredible Hulk?

How about another Johnny Rico figure? This one is Firestorm Johnny Rico. 
Y'know, for a bootleg toy, the paint job on the face is outstanding!


Not quite so outstanding is Mega Marauder Johnny Rico. Looks like the bootleggers didn't quite finish the paint job on this guy's face.



Well, once again, I have to give props out to my buddy Jorge Lunz for scoring these bad boys for me. I haven't seen these figures here in the states yet. But they are showing up in Brazil.