Star Trek First Contact

Okay, these bootlegs are pretty old and beat up. But they are bootlegs. Now I never spotted these here in So. Cal, But my friend Jorge stumbeled across them in Brazil. I wonder just how big Star Trek is in Brazil that the bootleggers would actually take the time to make these figures. 


As you can see, the packaging looks pretty much like the real deal. Oh sure, there are some slight variations. But the bootleggers definitely got the idea across. The back of the card features the packaging for the Borg figure. Naturally, the packaging lacks any trademarks or copyright information.
The card back features eleven figures. Based on my past experience with bootleg toys, I bet that all eleven figures come in bootleg form. But seeing as how these are pretty old bootleg toys, the chances of finding them are pretty slim. 

Now I only have two figures from this line. This one is Lt Commander Data. 
There really isn't too much to complain about the figure. The paint job is a little shabby. But other than that, the figure hits the mark pretty good.
Heh. The accessories that data comes with are purple. 
Dr. Beverly Crusher's hair is a wrong shade of brown. But other than the fact that the bootleggers painted her lips a bright hooker red, she is also a pretty accurate bootleg figure. 
All of Dr Crusher's accessories are a nice red color.



Well, these figures are kinda dull for bootleg figures. There are no really outstanding mistakes or horrible paint jobs to make these stand out. I bet that if the quality of the bubble these figures are mounted under were a little more sturdy, these could possibly pass for the real deal.