Star Trek
The Next Generation

See the figures below? Well, for years, they have been the closest thing to a bootleg Star Trek figure that I have ever found. Now there are three toy lines that I really enjoy collecting. Star Trek is one of them. So in many ways, I have been hoping to someday find a bootleg Playmates Star Trek figure. But all I had been able to find were the figures you are about to see. 


For years, this was all I had in my bootleg Trek collection. Oh sure, I have a couple of sets of knock off vehicles. But that was it. (And if ya want a detailed review of the figure pictured above, head on over to Chris Doyle's Island Of Bootleg Toys)
That was it for Trek for me. I never had been able to add anything Star Trek to my bootleg toy collection. 
Until Now.

Take a gander at this Bad Boy.

Yup! That's a bootleg Lt. Worf figure. Woo Hoo! Finally! A bootleg Playmates figure. Check out the card the figure is mounted on. It's a Lt. Barclay card from the 1994 7th Season Next Generation Series. . 
The front of the package is virtually identical to the real Playmates card. For you Trek collectors, there is no pog or card included with the figures in this bootleg toy series. 

  Oh boy. If I were Worf, I would wanna kick some Klingon @$$. What did those nasty old bootleggers do to him? This bootleg Worf figure is much lighter than the original. I guess we can also say that this figure is only sorta Klingon looking. 
Y'know, it's been brought to my attention that Worf actually looks more like Gowron. Heh. I wonder if the bootleggers just swapped heads?
Don't ya just love his purple accessories? 

Now the other bootleg figure in this series that's  been added to my collection is a Lt. Barclay figure. Quite frankly, I am kinda disappointed with this bootleg figure. It looks pretty darn good for a bootleg!


What did I tell ya? This guy actually looks pretty darn good.. Well, his hair and eyebrows are colored wrong. Hey! Barclay's accessories are the wrong colors too. Well, waddaya expect for bootleg toys?  

This is the last figure I have in this series. It is Dr. Noonian Soong. Okay, this guy isn't really a major character in the series. But if you follow Star Trek The Next Generation, then you will know who this guy is. Anyways, take a peek at the bootleg version...

Well, this figure really isn't too far off from the real toy. The bootleg figure doesn't sport all the different shades of brown that the real figure has. Also, the purple accessories are, well, just aren't purple enough. Hmm, does that make sense?  
Like the other figures in this series, the figure comes on a Lt. Barclay card. 
What's the specs on these figures? Well, they come on cards that measure 10" X 7.5". The bubbles on these cards are extremely fragile and crush quite easily. Both of the figures stand around 4.5" tall. Both feet have holes underneath them. But they definitely are not numbered. Also, the names of the figures are not on the base used to mount the figures on. All in all though, these are pretty good representations of the real Star Trek figures. 



 The card back is virtually identical to the real package. Granted, there are a few minor details missing. Most notably, any references to Playmates. There are also a couple of typos in Barclay's biography.
Y'know, I have learned from my own experiences collecting bootleg toys, that whenever the bootleggers include pictures of figures on the back of a card. It usually means that there is a very good likelihood that the figures pictured were also bootlegged. So there is a good chance that this is an eight figure bootleg toy series. 
Now where did I find these toys? Well, unfortunately, not here in the US. My friend Jorge Lunz who lives in Brazil scored these two figures for me. Personally, I believe that these figures were probably produced years ago. Jorge just got lucky finding them. So the chances of adding more of these to my collection are probably pretty slim. But if more do turn up, they'll find a home here on this page as soon as I get them. 

By the way, if ya like Star Trek figures, I highly recommend the most thorough Star Trek toy site on the net. It's called Rene Bousquet's Action Figure Page.