Star Wars Key chains

Here are some key chains that are obvious bootlegs. They appear to have been made from the original molds used for the 4.5" figures. Quite frankly, they are pretty ugly. But I guess that's what makes them look so cool. 

The key chains come attached to two different kinds of cards. Here are the front and back of one of the packages. 


Below is the second type of packaging that the key chains come attached to. The pics and logos are on both sides of this card. Note the "Star Wars" blurb that has been placed over the "RE" of the word reader? The blurb also covers the parts of the "Communication Output Memory Module" that is directly below the word Comm.
Also, while not clear in the pic below, printed on the lower right corner are the url's for star and

As usual, no trademarks or copyrights are located anywhere on the packaging. 

Now if these things look really bad. Well, it's because they are really bad. 
What the heck happened to Darth Maul's eyes?
Notice that the Jedi Knight's don't have their light sabers?


Jar Jar, Gasgano and C3PO. While it may look like C3PO has a good paint job, none of his wiring has been painted. Mostly, there are just small dabs of paint on parts of his body.



Senator Palpatine, Darth Sidious and one of the Queen Amidala figures. Palpatine has absolutely no detail on his face. 
Yes, the bootleggers tried to give Darth Sidious his big nose. They succeeded too. Only, the nose is way out of proportion to his face.



Chancellor Valorum, Ric Olie and the other Queen Amidala figure. Not much to say about these figures except that they are much worse than the pic shows. 



Boss Nass, Anakin and Watto. Anakin also has no facial features at all. His eyes are just little white dots. 
Out of all these key chain figures, Watto is my favorite. The bootleggers didn't mess him up too much.



Here are the last three in this set. 
Check Mace Windu's eyes out. He looks like he had a little too much coffee if ya ask me.


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