Street Hero

Here is a neat bootleg toy series that is absolutely a Street Fighters rip off. I have one or two of these laying around somewhere. But I know that I don't have the whole series. Fortunately, a Street Fighters collector has this set of figures and was kind enough to send me some pics so I can share them with the world. 
Thanks a big bootleg bunch Nathan. 

Here's a shot of one of the figures in the bootleg toy package. This particular character is named Sagat. The fronts of all of the packages are identical, and while there is information about the distributor provided, there is no bar code or copyright mark. The back of the card is blank brown cardboard. The blister packing is cheaply made, and comes  in only one generic shape, so the figures tend to rattle around.

This here figure is Balrog. Note the weapon accessory. It appears that all the figures come with the same kind of rifle.
This next character is Dhalsim.

Ken in his red costume. Ya can even see the drawing of Ken on the card in the pic.

This funny looking guy is Zangief. Say....., well, I'll let Nathan mention it later on in this page.

The final figure in the series is Blanka. Y'know, I am not sure if he is a good guy or not. To me, he sure does strike me as the most formidable of the bunch. I suppose it's the red hair that makes me think of that. Heh. That red hair sorta reminds me of an old girlfriend. 

What's the scoop on these figures? Well, I'll let Nathan take it from here:
Well, I scanned all of my Street Hero figures, and the images came out better  than I expected. Here's some background info. The designs of these figures deviate greatly from the true appearances of the characters in the video game, but this is not due to creativity on the part of the bootleggers. Instead, the designs are almost 100% accurate recreations of a series of G.I. Joe Street Fighter figures (G.I. Joe-sized, of course-- the Street Heroes are six inches tall), which, for some reason, the American producers felt had to  be redesigned, reaccessorized, and generally made cooler.
As a side note, please notice disturbing details like Dhalsim's oversized and out-of-place nipples, and the 
 fact that Zangief does not appear to be wearing any pants.

Now I am not big on Street Fighters myself. But this is a pretty keen series of toys. Makes me wish I had picked up the whole set when I found mine a couple of years back. Hey Nathan! Thanks a whole bunch for the opportunity to show these toys off. I haven't forgot my promise to hook ya up with the figures I mentioned I have somewhere. When I come across them, I'll be sure to drop ya a line.