Strfft Sharks

Yup! That title up there is not a typo. This line of bootleg toys is called Strfft Sharks. I guess to hide the fact that these are Street Sharks rip offs, the bootleggers just took the bottom line off of the "E" in the word Street. Now if you ask me, whoever thought of that was really using their noggin.


Okay, what are the Strfft Sharks? Well, this particular line of toys are basically a remote  control toy. Sorry, it's not a wireless remote. The wire that connects the control to the toy is about three feet long.  There are four, I don't know, what do you call these things? Vehicles? Figures? Anyways, there are four of them in the series. The arms can be moved up and down.
So, how do these things work? Well, the remote control only moves the Strfft Shark forward or backward. The front wheels can turn. Unfortunately, there is no steering wheel on the remote control. So the only time the toys turns is when it is going backards. Also, when the Strfft Shark is moving forward, the jaws open and close. One more thing, the motor that drives the Strfft Shark is kind of loud.


On the bottom of the box are little bios of all four of the Strfft Sharks. Here is an example of one of them (typos included):

NAME: Ripster-Great White Shark
Motto: "Bite Is Might!"
411 File: The natural born leader of the Street Sharks, He'  s buff, He'  s tough!He  's a wild-blooded hero with a fist like a fist like a train. !Sharks obey him.
Street Skills: Needs no weapons except the ones he was boun with, because of his skill in martial arts, Specializes in a combination of bite-boxxing and sea-kwan-do.
Main Chews: Motorcycles, barbells, monter trucke, submarine sandwiches.



That's it for this line of toys. I think it's a neat rip off idea. As a matter of fact, I figure this toy is actually safe enough for a kid to play with.

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