Super Bendies

Heh. My sister bought these on Ebay. She knew they were bootlegs. So she went out and bought them for herself. Now JoAnn doesn't collect bootlegs. But  along with the X-Files, she likes the occasional Super Hero. 


Here are Superman and Batman in all their bootleg slendor. Obviously the figures are pretty bad looking. The bootleggers who created these gems certainly weren't worried about trying to pass these things off as the real deal. 

I guess the bootleggers decided to use all the eyeball paint on Superman. And what the hell is that symbol on Batman's chest? Looks like one of those ink blot splotches that's used in those psychology tests. 

Anybody wanna guess where these things were made? Here's a big clue planted right on these bendies @$$es.


I'm guessing that these things were created sometime in the eighties. The figures stand about six inches tall. I'm actually afraid to bend 'em cus I think the wires inside the figures are probably just as cheap as the figure's themselves. 
Shhhhhh! Don't say anything. But when my sister JoAnn's not looking, I'm gonna swipe them from her.