Heroes Costumes


Just in time for Halloween. Here are a couple of superhero costumes that are definitely bootlegs. 

Heroes. That's what this bootleg costume line is called. Yes. That's Wolverine from the X-Men on the top right corner. 



Here is the back of the box. The box measures a whopping 19" X 22". The artwork definitely looks like it is ripped off from the comic books. Hmmm, could the Wolverine and Spider-Man be in the Punisher's sights? 
Y'know, I think the Spidey is a McFarlane version.



Oh Boy! Here is the Spider-Man costume. It comes with four separate plastic pieces. You get the Spidey mask, a chest plate and two pieces to cover your forearms. All the pieces are tied on with string. 
Also packaged with the costume are two dart guns. The six darts themselves are suction cup tipped. 



Here is the second costume. I personally like this one more than the Spidey costume. Only because the forearm pieces come with Wolverine's claws extended. Just like the Spidey costume, you get two dart guns and six suction cup tipped darts. 

All in all these are a neat bootleg item that I have had for a couple of years now.