Super Heroes


Here is a three figure set that I obtained in a trade (Thanks Colin!). I never saw this particular bootleg toy set in the US. 
The name of this set of toys is Super Heroes. Which Super Heroes are they bootlegs of? These figures are bootleg toys made from Batman The Animated Series figures. 

Here's a pic of the card art. Pictured on the card are a Batman like super hero who looks very much like Adam West to me. 
There is a Catwoman like character firing bolts of energy from her hands. And also pictured on the card is a flying character that looks sorta like Robin.
The card is very compact. It measures only 6.5" X 7.5". 
The figures themselves stand about 2.5" tall. They appear to be made of a pvc-like material. Or maybe plastic. 
The paint job on these toys is pretty good. There are no major blemishes on any of the figures. 
This Robin figure is painted green and black. I am pretty sure this paint job matches a legitimate Robin figure. I probably have the 'real" toy somewhere in my collection. 

This Animated Batman figure is painted Blue with white spots throughout his costume. Very cool looking. Like Robin, I think this paint job matches the paint job of the "Real" Batman figure from the BTAS toy line. 

The last figure in this set is Phantasm. My first bootleg Phantasm figure. This figure also has played a part in the Batman The Animated Series. 

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