Heh. Sometimes just the name of a bootleg toy makes the weirdness of the toy that much more complete. This Superman bootleg is called Superheroicman. I just love that name. It rolls off the tongue so smoothly....


This boxed set is pretty similar to another bootleg Superman toy elsewhere on this site. But there are a couple of twists. What kinda font is that on the back of the box? It sorta reminds me of the Flintstones. Anyways, the box measures in at xxxxxx. The box is made outta really cheap cardboard. It can be crushed very, very easily. 
Now take a look at the bizarre figures. 


What the???? These two Superman figures rival my Mexican Superman bootleg toys for sheer ugliness. I actually would give these two figures the nod over the my Mexican one simply cuz these Superman figures could have had a chance to be decent figures if as much care was taken in the paint jobs as was taken designing the packaging. 
Good Lord. Could they have put more mascara on Superman's eyes? 
One neat feature of these figures is that they actually light up. That's right. Pust the button just above Superman's belt and his eyes light up just like Christmas. Woo Hoo! I didn't think that this feature would actually work on a bootleg toy. But the darn thing really does light up. 
Oh. Just so you don't think the bootleggers have their act almost completely together. Gettaloada the costume that was given to one of these Superman figures.

That's right. Old Supes was given green tights. What did I say? It lights up just like Christmas? Well, maybe if I attached a string to this figure I could use it as an ornament to hang on my Christmas tree. But since this is a bootleg toy, it'd probably set my tree on fire.