Superhero Super Deformed Figures


Wow! Check out these super cool Super Deformed figures that are one of the newest additions to my collection! These are really neat!!!

Here are Catwoman and Robin. Catwoman has only two front teeth. 
I love how Robin is holding his mask to his face. 


Do I really need to ID these two figures? 
Superman is poised to take flight. Although I don't know what is up with the red left hand. 
One of Batman's ears is bent. It was made like that. 
What you can't see is the hammer Batman is holding behind his back with his right hand.


Wolverine has cut himself with his blades. 
Poor Captain America is struggling to walk 'cause his shield is too heavy for him.What you can't see on the side of Cap's head are the sweat beads pouring off his head. 


Nothing really unusual about Spidey. But old Venom has his tongue wrapped around an ice cream cone.


That's a knife Green Lantern is holding. 
Blow me a kiss Wonder Woman!! Sigh.


My two favorites in this set. 
Aquaman in a life preserver??? Yes. That's a crab crawling up the front. I suppose that's what has Aquaman spooked. 
Poor old Flash looks like he is a little too pooped to pop!

Now what's the scoop on this set of figures? Well, all of them stand around three, three and a half inches tall. They are made of hollow plastic. Not that cheap kind of plastic either. All the figures are pretty sturdy. The figures also have some great detailing. No stone was left unturned by the makers of these toys. Superman has the S logo on the back of his cape. Captain America's shield is red, white and blue with the white star in the middle. And on and on...
I love my Super Hero toys and this particular set is high on my favorite toys list. Real or Bootleg toys. 
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