Superhero Two Pack Bootleg Toys


Here are three two packs of bootleg toys featuring Batman and Superman. These figures are made under the toy line Superhero. As seen on this site, Superman is made under this line of bootleg toys in a five inch single pack and two different types of packaging for the ten inch figures. I have never seen Batman packaged solo under this series.

Here is a pic of the artwork for these two pack of bootleg toys. As you can see, this features some nice artwork of Batman and Superman. While the artwork is nice for this package, the card that the figures are mounted on is rather flimsy.

There are three sets of two packs in this series. Each features a different Batman and Superman figure. Although I have only seen two different versions of Batman. Check them out.



Well, that's it for this series. There are only three different versions in this bootleg line of toys.

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