Superman Kubrick Knock Offs

Fresh outta Singapore, courtesy of my buddy BH is a little (and I mean little!) Kubricks knock off set of Superman figures. Okay, let's set the record straight. Medicom, to the best of my knowledge has never produced any Kubrick figures based on the Man Of Steel. So these aren't really bootlegs of Kubrick figures. I guesss we can just say that these particular unauthorized figures are made in the Kubrick style. 


Now the figures come in a teeny little box. The box meaures only 5.5" X 4.25". The box has a hinged lid. So you can open the box up and take a peek at the toys. Notice the Ages 10 and up on the bottom right corner of the box? Don't understand why that's there. The Choking Hazard warning on the left hand side says these toys are not for children under three. So what happens about the kids between 4 and 9 years of age?

Here's what ya see when ya open the lid of the box. Superman and Supergirl. Unlike the Star Wars Kubrick knock offs, these figures do not come with a diorama to display them on.
Superman stands just under two and a half inches tall. His cape is made of cloth. The bootleggers even managed to put in the curl of hair over Superman's forehead. 

I'm not sure why the bootleggers made Supergirl look so angry. Could it be cuz her boobs are just lines drawn on her chest? 
Supergirl measures in at about the same height as Superman. 



Well, this is one heckuva cool set of unauthorized figures. These are one of my favorite Superman knock offs.