Y'know, this toy has no particular name attached to it. But when ya take a look at the figure, you will definitely see that this is a Superman wannabe figure. I guess the card art will give it away. Or maybe that big S on the figure's chest.

Here he is! Superman, the bootleg toy version. Now if ya take a look at this guy and compare him to this one (click HERE). 
Don't ya think this figure is based on the same mold. Only thing is, this figure suffers from a much poorer paint job. 

The bootleggers only painted the front of Superman's boots and briefs red.

Here is a close up of Superman. The figure stands about ten inches tall. He is made of hollow plastic. You can see the paint has come off of portions of his hands. 
I'm not gonna even mention that bulge in Superman's pants. Maybe he's got Lois Lane on his mind??
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