Super Power Batman

This figure is another Batman bootleg toy. It is from a line called Super Power. Not just a figure is included. The Batman comes packaged with a Batmobile.

This toy comes on a 10.5" X 8.5" card. Pictured on the card is a Batman-like character swinging on a rope. 
The Super Power name is printed along the side of the package.

Here is the Batman figure. No logo on this guy's chest. The figure stands seven inches tall. He has silver gloves and boots. The piece of tape around his waist that is supposed to be the belt is green. It's hard to tell, but the figure does come with a black cape. 
If ya look real hard at the bottom right corner of the pic. You might be able to see a hint the drawing of Robin. The reddish part is his chest. The green piece is Robin's arm.


Here is the Batmobile that is part of this package. Now I love Batmobiles. So having this packaged with the figure is a bonus for me. 
The Batmobile is just a hollow piece of plastic that measures about 5.5" long and 2.5" high. 
Nobody can complain about this thing. It's another version of The Batmobile. 


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