Super Powers Batman

This is another Batman and Batmobile combination toy set from Singapore. Like the other combo set on this site, this one has a familiar toy line name. But, like the Super Power set, these toys have no relation to the real Super Powers toys. 

These toys come on a nice pink and purple card. Nowhere on the package are any direct references to Batman. But the artwork features a Batman-like character and his Batmobile. The card measures 12.5" X 8.5 ". The price tag is still on this toy. In Singapore, it would cost ya $4.50 Singaporean dollars. What's that translate in U. S. Dollars? About $2.50.
I'd like to thank my friend Ee for hooking me up with this bad boy!

Batman stands just over ten inches tall. He is made of hollow plastic. Batman's face has been painted an nice orange color. The belt and Bat logo on the toys chest are both stickers. . 




Now I like Batmobiles. So this Batman set is more than welcome addition to my collection. 
This Batmobile is modeled after the Batmobile from the first Batman movie back in 1989. 
This Batmobile with the yellow-green tires measures 7" in length and is about 2" high at the fins. 
What I really dig about these toys is that Bat logo on the hood of the Batmobile and on Batman's chest. I think it's just keen!