Superman Robot


Here is one of my neatest bootleg toys. Actually, this really can't be called a bootleg toy because it is not a direct copy of a known toy line. What this really should be called is a knock off toy. What toy am I talking about? Why, my Superman robot. This is one heck of a neat toy!
First, it looks just like Superman. It is part of the robot series of toys called Super S. Heroes. I have a Batman robot posted on this site and will soon add more of my robots.
This Superman robot stands about a foot tall. He is really well constructed. When I originally bought this robot, he had no "S" on his chest. Only after I bought him did the merchant give me a sticker with the "S" logo for me to put on him. So if you ever see this robot without an "S" on his chest, it just means that the sticker was lost.
This robot runs on three AA batteries. He has a sound chip and the legs move allowing him to walk. His feet are oversized in order to keep him from falling over. The arms have some articulation. You can raise them and lower them.
Turn this guy on and he starts to walk. The legs don't actually come off the ground. There are wheels under the feet that roll when the legs move. As Superma walks towards you, you can hear footsteps sound off. Then the robots says "Drop Your Weapon! Fire!!!" Then gunshots go off. While this is all happening, the robots upper torso starts spinning around.
Wow! What a show this guy puts on!!!



Here is a variation of the Superman robot. Now you gotta understand, there is another robot out there that I think may be The Masked Rider. Anyways, it looks like the bootleggers had extra Superman heads, so they put it on this body. 
Now this Superman robot has a green and black body and yes, those are shoulder pads. The shoulder pads limit the range of the arms. But at least the shoulder pads can be removed.
Now if I can only dig up my white Superman robot. I know I have one somewhere. 


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