Super Wind Ups

Here are a few neat wind up toys that turned up in the New Jersey area. These came to me courtesy of my bud, John Alvarez (Thanks John!)


Well, technically, these aren't really Super Hero windups. But come one, I mean, are the makers of these things fooling anybody? Lessee, the Spider-Bear (yeah, I know it's outta focus. I took the pic after one long day) sure looks like Spider-Man. Then there's Superfrog and Batbear. I thought these wind ups were neat enough that I took them to work. They now have a special place on my computer.
But wait! There's more! Take a gander at these more traditional looking wind up toys.


Okay, we have here, The Terminator, The Thing from Fantastic Four fame and a pink lipped Robocop. The detail in the sculpts of The Terminator and The Thing are incredibly detailed for wind up toys. Also pictured is my Invisible Woman wind up. But you can't see her cuz she is invisible. Heh. I crack myself up sometimes.