Powerful Supper Rangers Mask

This is it! The toy everybody has been waiting for!!! Well, maybe not. But how many of you out there have a Powerful Supper Rangers toy in your collection? I suppose the characters in this particular series are only powerful after they have had their supper???
Take a gander at this bad boy.....


This old thing I dug up outta my garage recently. It's a few years old. I probably paid a buck or two for this particular thing. What is it? Well, this thing is obviously a Power Rangers knock off. But how many Power Rangers ever had a gun? 
The packaging measures in at 10" X 13". The mask is kinda small. It would probably fit over a very young child's face.  
The gun is another matter. That thing is one of those static generator type toys. So when ya squeeze the trigger continuously, little sparks come flying outta the barrel of the gun. 

Here's a better look at the artwork of the card:


Y'know, sometimes I wonder if the makers of these knock off toys think they are actually getting the names of the toy they are copying right? I can just see some guy in a chinese toy factory saying "Let's make a mask that looks like that famous character from that U.S. show The Supper Rangers!"
Hey! Waitaminute!!! The Rangers pictured on the card are holding guns? Doesn't that Robot look like he's holding a dart gun? 
Bootleggers, ya just gotta love 'em!