14 Inch Episode One Figures

Boy oh boy! Will there never be an end to the Episode One figures that are gonna be produced? Here is a set of toys that feature some of the main characters from Episode One. Not all of them are fourteen inches tall. 

C3PO and Obi Wan Kenobi. Of all the figures in this set, Obi Wan is probably the poorest sculpted figures.
Obi Wan stands about 13" tall. C3PO only stands 12" tall. Simply because of the character, C3PO has the most detail. But I gotta tell ya, it is really a crude paint job.


Qui-Gonn and Jar Jar Binks. Both of these figures stand about 14" tall. 
These toys have articulation at the arms and waist only. I twisted Jar Jar a little to give you an idea of the range of motion. I could probably twist Jar Jar a little more, but I am afraid that I may break him. 




Do I have to ID this figure? There's a ruler behind the figure in the hopes that this will give ya an idea of the scale of the figure. 
All the light sabers of these figures are just pieces of hollow plastic (I would call them straws) that can be removed from the light saber.



Queen Amidala stands about the same height as C3PO. Only she has absolutely no articulation. She is just a statue.


Here are some close ups of these figures. As you can see, the bootleggers did an okay job with the likenes of the characters.

Now all of these figures are made of a lightweight hollow plastic. These things didn't originate here in the US. They were found in Singapore. 
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