Episode One Bootlegs Wave Three

This page features another wave of Episode One bootleg figures. This wave features another set of figures based on the Collection One wave of figures. 
There are eight figures in this series. All the figures come on an Anakin Skywalker card that includes a bootleg comm chip.. 


Here are a couple of the figures as they appear on the card. Unlike other bootleg Episode One figures, these come with a sticker that identifies the character. Also on the card is the yellow stripe along the bottom. The back of the card is almost the same as the legitimate toys. With the exception of all the Hasbro trademarks and copyrights. There is one typo on the card back though. The Jedi Knights are identified as Jede Knights in the small synopsis on the card. 

First up is Anakin Skywalker. Anakin is packaged with his backpack and a grease gun. The bootleggers gave Anakin some dark brown hair this time. 


I don't think there is much you can say about the Queen Amidal figure. For a bootleg figure, she looks okay. 


This Battle Droid appears to be colored correctly. It even seems to have the articulation in all the right places. 


Here is Obi Wan Kenobi. His braid looks like some kind of snake wrapped around his neck. 


Here is an oriental Jar Jar Binks. 


Qui-Gonn Jinn appears to be dazed and confused. 


Padmae looks like the best figure in this series. Well, except for the eyes. 
Why can't the bootleggers get the paint jobs on the eyes right?


Well, this Darth Maul is a better version than the other Collection One Darth Maul bootleg on this site. And that's really not saying much.


Here is one of the bootleg comm chips. It is none functioning. The picture is the same as used on the real toy. As usual, the quality of the picture in the comm chip is of poor quality.
That's it for this series of bootleg toys. Now these toys were sold in Singapore. I haven't heard of these showing up in the states yet.  I wonder if they will? After all, I have not heard any reports of the bootleg EP1 figures that are showing up in the states being sold anywhere in Singapore. 

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