Episode One Bootleg Micro Machines

The toys on this page were sent to me by my friend Keok Lye  from Singapore. Now I gotta admit, when he described them to me, I didn't think that they were bootleg toys. Boy was I wrong!
These toys are great bootleg toys! The packaging is so good, that if you don't pay attention, you would actually think these toys were the real deal.

Below are pics of the real toy and the bootleg toy. Can you tell which is which?


Pretty tough to tell huh? And yeah, I cheated a little by making the pics small. 
The picture on the left is the real toy. The toy on the right is the bootleg.


Above are the card backs for the bootleg toy and the real toy. The left hand pic is the real toy card back,
All the bootleg vehicles come on a Royal Starship card. It features pics of the four vehicles in the bootleg series. Also pictured on the card back are the four pod racer packs. As usual, there are no trademarks or manufacturer's names anywhere on the card.
Oh, and the bootleg toy packaging is slightly smaller than the real toy. The bootleg card measures almost 
8" X 7" 

Here are the labels that are on the bubble of the toys. As you can see, Micro Machines has been replaced with Star Wars. No name for the bootleg vehicle has been supplied. They are all identified as Die-Cast Vehicles.



Here is the Trade Federation Battleship. 
All the vehicles in this bootleg toy series are exactly the same as the real toys. I have looked really hard at these toys and cannot see any significant difference between the Micro Machines vehicles and the bootleg vehicles.
The color of the plastic on the bootleg toy is a little dull when compared to the real toy. Also, the detail in the molding is not quite as good.


Here is the Trade Federation Droid Starfighter.
Like the vehicle pictured above, there is a slight difference in color of the vehicle. I also have this ship packaged backwards. It gave me a great opportunity to look for trademarks under the vehicle. But there were none.


Here is a Gian Speeder. If you pull out the real toy, you will find that the blaster cannons on the bootleg toy are different from the real toy.


This last vehicle is the Royal Starship. Looks just like the real toy. There is no significant difference.


How thorough were the bootleggers? Well, they even included a bar code symbol complete with an sku number. 
Oh, the bottom bar code is the bootleg one. 

I am really impressed with these bootleg toys. The quality of the toys is really good and the detail in the packaging is excellent. Anybody who didn't know bootleg toys existed might think that these toys are just a variation of the real thing. 
Not only that, these are my first bootleg toys featuring Micro Machines packaging. Woo Hoo!

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